A Goa Travel Guide

gggggGoa includes a certain status, which goes back so far as the 1960’s, where it had been regarded as like a hippy paradise, a spot for dropouts, and flower energy, a to not be skipped spot for vacationers, and most likely regarded as because the world center for dope. All this although not totally inaccurate might deter you a trip to Goa, which will be a mistake. Sure Goa can nonetheless be the area for through the night parties, and beaches crowded with individuals selling hash to finance their alternative life styles, but there’s a lot more to Goa than that. As background, Goa would be a Portugese colony for 100s of years, which period of stay, these were finally started in 1961, leaves an indelible impression, from Portugese places of worship, the truth that 30% of people is Catholic. You’ll find European style villas scattered around within the grain fields, palm groves, frequently bearing jackets of arms, and lots of imposing houses behind walls and locked gates. All this makes Goa different to anywhere around the Indian Sub Region.



A Much Needed Road Trip

ggggI labored in an advertising agency like a business development senior executive. I am unable to say I didn’t like my job, actually, I loved it. I had been certainly one of individuals lucky individuals who was doing things i loved to complete. The idea of a pitch excited me and presentation were something I had been nearly as good at as Usain Bolt reaches sprints. However, it absolutely was several weeks since i have had a while off and walked from the hubbub from the city. The many pitches and meeting had worn me out and also the creativity had stopped flowing for the moment. I understood all I desired was a while off and that i could be to my favorite at work.



A Trip to the Church of Panagia in Lindos, Rhodes

gggIf you wish to benefit from the best holidays of the existence then you definitely must arrange for summer time Rhodes Holidays. 1000’s of vacationers mostly Men and women from various areas of the planet visits this beautiful place each year using their buddies, family people and family and friends to uncover a number of other unique Rhodes holidays ideas. The attractive natural sites, historic places, friendly atmosphere and finest accommodation within this unique Island can make your Rhodes holidays memorable. Panagia or Panag(h)ia was among the names from the Greek Orthodox, that was employed for God’s Mother. Based on the Orthodox art, the word Panaghia signifies a symbol that highlights Virgin Mary using the Christ Child.



A Guide to All-Inclusive Family Vacations

ggAll-inclusive holidays seem ideal. You have to pay one cost and things are taken proper care of for you personally. It’s not necessary to stop to bother with where the next meal is originating from. It’s not necessary to be worried about plane tickets, lodging, or transportation back and forth from your resort. An exciting-inclusive vacation should ideally be just that – all-inclusive. But watch out for false advertising. Seek information in advance which means you know precisely what you are kidding into. Some resorts will advertise their cheap holidays as all-inclusive however, you don’t understand before you arrive that you will find 100s of hidden costs added to the original holiday cost.

All-inclusive holidays ought to be free from stress and hassle. For this reason they are ideal for those who simply want to escape everything and don’t wish to cope with day-to-day triggers when they are on vacation. Package offers typically supply the hotel, the flight, those activities, and also the food. These cheap travel deals are specifically fun and convenient somewhere like Walt Disney World where your admission tickets and foods are taken proper care of ahead of time. Shuttles cost you back and forth from the park and you will find typically more perks involved. Major resorts frequently offer 100s of pursuits like horse riding, water parks, miniature golf, and much more. Try to obtain a bundle which includes a minimum of a couple of causes of entertainment, particularly if you are going with children.



A cheap Bahamas vacation can be the perfect family holiday

gIn the modern realm of due dates and hectic agendas our lifestyle leaves us very little time to unwind. A holiday with this loved ones might help us unwind and refresh our stressed body and soul. An inexpensive Bahamas vacation might be only the solution for the knotted nerves and economic budget. A phone call to some reputed tour operator can provide you with the entire schedule from the places you could include, budget for the whole trip and also the listing of fun activities you could do in your vacation. The web makes this even simpler. A click of the mouse button may offer you use of numerous websites that provide detailed schedule for an inexpensive Bahamas vacation and also you obtain the luxury of planning your vacation make up the comfort of your house. The Bahamas are recognized for the idyllic locations and scenic beauty besides getting numerous possibilities for adventure enthusiasts. The very obvious water also offers a calming impact on consumed with stress nerves of vacationers and visitors. An inexpensive Bahamas vacation could therefore function as the ideal chance to bond together with your family members whom you might have neglected within the daily stress of standard existence.



Holiday Packages and Popular Tourist Attractions in Ladakh

Ladakh, literally meaning -land of high passes’, is a part of the Jammu and Kashmir condition in India situated between your Great Himalayas within the south and Kunlun Mountain rang within the north. The populace in the region includes Tibetan – Aryan descent. Ladakh is broadly noted for remote mountain beauty and also the Tibetan culture. Because of Ladakh being lived on mainly by Tibetan population it’s also known as -Little Tibet’. Leh is its biggest town and among the couple of bastions of Buddhism in south Asia. Kargil may be the second most significant capital of scotland- the Ladakh area, a smartly important place because of the worldwide border in closeness.

The places of tourist points of interest range from the ruins from the structure of king Tsewang Rnam Rgyal 1 and King Jamyang Rnam Rgyal, Phyang Gompa and also the rock designs and carvings found just about everywhere in Ladakh. The Srinagar- Leh Highway is easily the most easy to achieve the region which reduced your way period from Srinagar to Leh from 16 to two days. It’s not operational throughout the wintertime season. So, a tunnel known as Zoji La pass 6.5 kilometers lengthy is being built to really make it an exciting weather route. Kargil has been around worldwide news since 1947 and ongoing as much as 1999 because of the hostilities between India and Pakistan within this they area. The Siachin glacier is yet another reason for tourist attraction that also have been in news reports for wrong reasons, a standoff between India and Pakistan within the area.

Ladakh staying at around 9800 ft may be the greatest plateau from the condition of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Another cities of tourist attraction include Shey, Basgo and Tingmosgang all except Kargil situated in round the Indus River. It’s possible to begin to see the Saser Kangri the greatest peak in an altitude of 7672 meters situated in the region. The Ladakh region being while it is raining shadow has little rains and needs to rely on snowfall for water. A tourist may feel incessant snowfall throughout the region. The fauna in the region include 225 types of wild birds that is a treat towards the vacationers. Most of the tour marketers operate mainly from Srinagar throughout the summer time once the path to the region is open. Buses ply from Leh towards the adjacent towns. The Manali-Leh-Srinagar road comprises nearly half from the entire road system. The vacationers start their journey from Sonamarg. The tour operators mainly from Srinagar offer all facilities.

You will find hotels in Leh and in Kargil in which the vacationers they fit up, plus they might have the top notch experience with the attractive area. Find out about Ladakh Holiday Packages. Also know Kullu Manali Holiday Packages. Find out about Kodaikanal Holiday Packages.


Europe Ltc Tours Book Cheap Holiday Packages Around The Universe

LTC Tour Europe, LTC Singapore Malaysia, LTC Packages

Europe LTC Tours being lengthy that you simply haven’t taken a rest with the family and buddies then this is actually the proper time to unwind. LTC packages (Leave Travel allowance packages) for those government/ Semi Government/ private employees who are able to avail Holiday holiday packages. These Holiday packages are made in a way they goal to suffice your requirements. LTC packages not just provide domestic packages but additionally offer worldwide LTC schemes. LTC packages aims to provide straight forward and memorable journey to any or all its clients. You will find many qualified operators hired through the firm to satisfy your desire and personalize your trip according to your need and requirement. Holiday packages also tailor makes your vacation according to your requirement as well as your economy.

Europe LTC Tours is extremely well-known because of its diversity. And it’s also among the top honeymoon locations on the planet. Best honeymoon locations in India present the tourist points of interest from beach condition of Goa to beautiful hill station of Kashmir towards the back waters of Kerala. Best honeymoon locations in India are Hill stations like Mussoorie, Dalhousie, Darjeeling, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Srinagar, Shimla, Nanital, Manali, Mount Abu, Gangtok and much more Another best honeymoon locations in India are beaches like Andaman & Nicobar, Kerala and Andra Pradesh which gives you attractive beaches and much more. If you’re searching for a finest honeymoon destination then India is where best places to visit and explore it.

Europe LTC Tours is called the Plastic town of India. It is among the cosmopolitan metropolitan areas asia. Package tours from Bangalore provides you with to go to places like Bandipur national park, Bannerghatta character camping, Bhadra, Bheemeshwari, B.R hillsides, Cavery fishing camping, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Coorg, Kemmanagundi, Kudremukh, Mysore and much more. Package tours from Bangalore offer holiday packages, customized tours meeting to any or all groups in India on very huge discounts. So just in case you’ll need a break in the hectic city existence then Bangalore packages provide you with with assorted gateways to deal with your family. So if you’re intending to avail LTC packages to visit India and abroad then you’re on course because we promise to supply problem free journey since you trip has become our headache and Holiday packages.

Europe LTC Tours was regarded as because the “Jewel within the crown” from the British Empire. To invest your holidays in India you will find numerous tours and travels. These tours and travel assistance to plan your trip and itinerary according to your requirement and want. They’re very economical and may design or tailor help make your trip according to your requirement and require. They companies of groups of packages beginning from economy class to lavish category. These tours and travel plan your trip making your trip straight forward. They’ve many efficient operators who workday and evening to organize your vacation and full fill all of your needs. You’ll get alluring selection of exotic global tours and stylish useful services. These tours and travel are very well connected, broadly experienced and globally famous.


How To Have Family Vacations Without The Stress

Planning family vacations isn’t necessarily easy. It’s a delicate balance attempting to fit the preferences of the whole family in to the perfect vacation. Here are a few useful hints:

1) When going for a cruise, consider the age ranges involved. For those who have kids, nobody will it much better than Disney. Just about all cruise companies possess a children’s area but not every one of them have kiddie pools, despite the things they claim. On the last cruise the “kiddie pool” what food was in least six ft deep. Disney cruise line is among the couple of that actually understands how to keep the kid entertained. They’ve kiddie pools, a supervised kid center, kids movies and Disney designed shows. Actually you’ll most likely convey more time alone than you’ve had in a long time as well as your kids is going to be pleading you to definitely remain using the other kids to experience.

2) Don’t schedule activities for each the avenue for call. This will make you feel as if you are racing around, not quite relaxing. It will likewise give you really cranky children. When the children are of sufficient age, allow them to have one meal privately. There’s always food available to allow them to grab a pizza as well as other tasty kid friendly food among swimming within the pool or playing within the activities area.

3) If you’re planning a classical vacation which includes airfare and hotels then certainly try to get direct plane tickets. The final factor for you to do would be to add races through additional international airports when you’re going with kids. If at all possible bring only keep on luggage. Most air carriers allow one bag per person. Join among the rental vehicle subscriptions to ensure that you are able to call ahead and also have a vehicle awaiting you or speak to your hotel and find out should they have a taxi. You need to get this to transition pretty simple.

4) Bring snacks on the flight to save cash and also to keep your kids distracted throughout takeoff. If at all possible take an air travel like Jetblue, that has constant television entertainment. This can be a free service and you may take the own headset to chop costs.

5) If you’re planning a mix country trip make certain to achieve the games and snacks ready. Dole them out gradually to ensure that there’s constantly something interesting to experience with. Otherwise, you risk cranky fights in the back chair. Also organize relaxation stops. You realize that they’ll have to visit so you may too hands the drinks at appropriate times.


Cheap Family Vacation Packages For Old Generation And Travelers Thoughts With Respect To Taking An

Travel Packages for brand new Year Festivities

Are you currently searching for new methods to celebrate 2012 besides the very same parties in which you begin to see the same travelers in the same locations?If you choose to attempt a brand new Year escapade, you are able to pick one of the numerous travel packages currently available. Fine dining, through the night parties, as well as other tropical locations all can participate your celebration using these vacation deals. The initial step you should think about would be to make a decision relating to your destination. Australia, is really a suggested destination since it gives the time to begin to see the Great Barrier Reef. The good thing is that various air travel companies offer New Years Eve plane tickets which takes you to definitely the area risk-free. Truly, the very best gift you are able to share with your entire family is really a vacation that guarantees an unforgettable and exciting escapade.

Aspen travel packages

Aspen is recognized as among the best ski locations throughout the wintertime season and in addition it provides a great choice of things you can do within the summer time where vacationers can definitely enjoy their getaway. Travelers of any age may have interesting things you can do because it provides activities for example challenging riding a bike visiting the regal Maroon Alarms, relaxing and refreshing baths at a number of water features, and going to the well-known Aspen Music Festival. The elements is most likely the best looking summer season feature from the site since it provides warm environments getting only periodic rain showers within the mid-day so visitors might have longer days to savor its wonderful mountainsIf walking and hiking is the factor, the region has miles of lovely and well-maintained trails that connects the entire town to a lot of attraction spots. Should you book travel packages in Aspen, you’ll experience numerous activities including fishing, rafting, golf, fine dining, getting a tan, swimming, eating & consuming, and shopping.

Ideas to Acquire Affordable Escapade Deals

Traveling every now and then is required especially when you’re mired with the triggers out of your work but why touring might not be possible is due to its high priceNevertheless, you will find some suggestions that you simply can engage in to ensure that you to definitely save while still having a refreshingly fun escapade. The very first tip you’ll need to consider would be to never tour throughout getaways because the price of air plane tickets and accommodations have a tendency to rise throughout these occasions. Travel specialists might be of the large help simply because they can help you in your preferred vacation place and booking your vacation days or several weeks in advance before holidays like Christmas and Year comes. You may also browse on the internet and check for a lot of available on the web travel packages which are including beautiful pictures, great explanations, and amazing discount rates. Also, make a listing from the amenities and services you would like the package to possess and appearance which of them provide the cheapest cost. Furthermore, if you want to tour any vacation place particularly, make sure that it’s part within the package.

Cheap Deals for the Hong Kong Vacation

Travelers attempting to choose their next destination could fight to make their brains up because travel packages are all around nowadays. If you’re searching for a distinctive mixture of eastern and western cultures, a good option to mind for your forthcoming trip is Hong Kong. The town offers a wealthy oriental history which was formed by European influences throughout its 150-year era under British law. You will find additionally a whole number of cultural things given to vacationers who’ve selected the area for his or her holiday escapade. Good examples from the travel destinations that travelers will love would be the Buddhist and Taoist temples to have an authentic Oriental experience. These guys the Miu Body fat Buddhist Monastery, which is among the more prominent locations for vacationers to go to, with walls filled with pictures of Buddha.


Major Methods To Have Fun At Cozumel Family Vacations While Saving Reserves And Even Enjoying Prime

Dont lose out on an opportunity to continue Cozumel holidays

Among the most secure places in Mexico is Cozumel. It’s possibly the favourite tourist place of Mexico. It not just has numerous beaches, but additionally plenty of guy made and natural points of interest. It’s this type of beautiful place that should you ever get the opportunity to go to it you need to immediately agree. Her natural splendor from the Mayan civilization along with the cultural exquisiteness of museums. Various kinds of site visitors including family people, newly-weds on their honeymoon, and adventure enthusiasts, arrived at maui. This area has numerous shopping sites for consumers and jungle tourism for adventurous people. If you have been kinds of hotels here. If you’re on budget you are able to remain at an affordable hotel, but when you’ve got no such constraint you are able to stay at most luxurious hotel from the island. Using the island showing a lot of exciting choices towards the vacationers it’s impossible to avoid a Cozumel trip.

Watching the ocean existence at Cozumel holidays

You will find many vacationers which come to Cozumel to savor the aquatic sports. If you wish to begin to see the marine existence near Cozumel you need to go diving. Cozumel has numerous places where one can dive including Barracuda Reef, Punta Sur, Palancar Gardens, Cedral Wall, Bay Area Reef, Yucab Reef, Paradise Reef, etc. Although some places allow only scuba diving and shallow diving others allow offshore diving. You can observe corals and reef seafood when you are shallow diving. You may also see eels, lobsters, and crabs. Large barracudas, turtles, large schools of angelfish as well as bald eagle sun rays is visible. You aren’t designed to feed the seafood because it is from the rules. Should you go much deeper at places like Punta Sur you may also see sharks, and large caves of giant sponges. Just choose a diving place and join in, its fun.

Beach parties at Cozumel holidays

While likely to Cozumel for tourism make certain beach parties take presctiption your to-do list. You will find special private beaches restricted to beach parties. You are able to choose a point where you need to start. From there your led tour will started in which the captain and crew will give you on the enjoyable visit to your destination. Very quickly you’d be by the pool area in which the beach party could be located. You may enjoy the margaritas and beer here. You’ll find sleeping sacks and kayaks around the beach together with a beer and margarita bar and volleyball. You will find many scuba diving and beach party activities at Cozumel and you may select one that best suits you. Should you choose a cruiseship then you’ll have to pay greater than a ship with public prices. The selection is dependent upon your financial allowance, for those who have no financial constraints and would like to have some fun you need to select the cruise.

Gathering with family members and Cozumel holidays

Cozumel is a superb spot for family vacations. You need to visit this area if you wish to use a vacation. It’s a safe island, aside from being a fascinating one. You will find numerous child friendly beaches on Cozumel and you may bring your family there. This area has numerous points of interest worth going to. There’s a Event gazebo near a Catholic Chapel where one can continue Sunday nights just for fun filled activities. You will find many special programs for children where they are able to sing and dance. You will find plenty of balloon retailers and Churro makers that the kids will like. You will find a multitude of locations by the pool that you could visit with family. For instance, Chankanab Park includes a special position for kids in which the less deep sea water is formed by means of a pool and there’s special scuba diving activity. Aside from these places, you will find a number of other points of interest too to go to with the family.


How To Have An Affordable Family Vacation Now

With increasingly more fathers and moms which are already arranging a summer time holiday for the entire family. Sometimes, planning an inexpensive family trip can definitely provide you with a hassle and headache.

Everybody uses a nice getaway using their family within the summer season. However, using the growing cost of oil, gas and plane tickets, along with the high cost of some rooms in hotels, lots of people can no more afford to take holiday with their own families.

How you can search for cheap stuff?

If adventure is the family bag, and want like to uncover the good thing about character with the family, probably the most exciting and economical family trip is certainly camping.

How about camping?

An outdoor camping trip is a superb initial step for many time with the family. RV parks, RV resorts and campsites are actually excellent locations to have an affordable family trip.

You will find 3 simple tips to look for.

1) Accommodations.

Despite the fact that, taking a complete camping trip involves escaping all of the technological devices of contemporary existence, this does not mean you’ll have no decent conditions whatsoever.

The other facilities can be found?

Most RV parks incorporate a barbecue facilities, in addition to shower and general bathroom facilities. Others provide extensive facilities, for example heated pools, and wi-fi access. Therefore, for individuals who’re searching budget type of family trip, camping is undoubtedly a great way for the whole family.

2) What activities can be found?

It’s more desirable for the children because they have a lot of enjoyable activities specifically focus on their demands. Grown ups too may have a pleasurable time.

The other activities you may enjoy throughout an outdoor camping trip?

You are able to take along your video games too. On the camping vacation you’ll have the time to experience using the kids, then have a beautiful time together.

3) It’s not pricey whatsoever.

Going camping isn’t just exciting and fun, but additionally most likely the most cost effective family trip you are able to plan. It is almost always are more expensive than $800 for the whole group of 4, including tent, sleeping-bags, cooler, camping stove.

Why increasingly more are selecting camping?

This family activity are becoming less expensive among families. You will find some studies that proven that about greater than 50 % all of the active campers continued an outdoor camping holiday with their loved ones at least one time and 30 % opted for the relatives, including their kids.

The growing recognition of camping proves that it isn’t just the most cost effective family trip imaginable, but additionally exciting and fun for children and grown ups.

Therefore, Eddy has began a information guide regarding how to help people save large on their own family vacations as well as recommend a few of the holiday destination appropriate for the whole family.

By getting the right research, you need to have the ability to enjoy cheap and economical family trip. With this type of savings, In my opinion you need to enjoy yourself with the family. Getting a great time with the family is as essential as getting 3 foods each day. The connecting is essential that cash cannot buy.


Five Tips For Your Defacto Visa To Australia Application

The Australian immigration system is among the most complicated and hard on the planet. Though it is extremely straightforward, there’s taking care of of the procedure that needs clarification. This part is all about DeFacto Visa to Australia programs. Listed here are the very best five strategies for the application.

Tip 1. Know your Relationship. The earth has transformed by advances and bounds and lots of associations have begun and bore fruit from that which was formerly unaccepted by society. Included in this are unmarried couples between Australian people and non-people, incidents where with children. You need to know your relationship inside to avoid any issues regarding claims of fraud, as you will find no solid rules on these defacto associations.

Tip 2. Term from the Visa. You should know that you simply using for that visa with it the occurrences associated with its issuance. The word from the p facto visa to Australia is perfect for 2 yrs. Following this term, you can submit for permanent residency, thus permitting the person to create roots in the united states. The visa allows the person either to remain in the nation or perhaps travel abroad a variety of occasions as long as the connection is known as real and valid.

Tip 3. The Relationship. You will find specific conditions that should be met to demonstrate the connection and therefore be eligible for a a p facto visa to Australia. There has to be an authentic, continuous p facto relationship a minimum of twelve several weeks long. The connection using the sponsor should be exclusive and genuine, with a time of either living together and have resided together. Separation might be because of the applying for that visa. Another essential fact that must definitely be demonstrated is the fact that evidence could be presented to prove the presence of the connection for twelve several weeks or even more. This proves credibility from the relationship and never basically rapport for convenience.

Tip 4. Be aware of visa needs. These needs, besides the ones formerly mentioned for the p facto visa to Australia application, incorporate a medical examination having a chest x-ray. Proof must also be posted the individual applicant doesn’t have any criminal history in the united states in which the individual were living within the last twelve several weeks. Something else you should know may be the timescale with this type of application. The time could be between three and 6 several weeks, if all of the documents is needed. Any suspicion of fraud would certainly break the rules the applying and might result in being blacklisted.

Tip No. 5. Be ready for review. When released a p facto visa, there’s a 2-year duration of residency prior to being permitted to try to get permanent residency. Throughout this time around, your status could be examined and frequently periodically verified through the Australian immigration government bodies. This guarantees the federal government that there is no fraud was attendant towards the p facto visa to Australia application.

They are but a few of the tips which help people feel the procedure for acquiring a p facto visa to Australia. The government bodies though have walked up efforts to wash out fraudulent and pretend states a p facto relationship, causeing this to be avenue even more difficult because it is. The Australia Forum though has advised that people, who’ve the required documentation and evidence to aid their claim should within the primary don’t have any issues and find out their application processed relatively rapidly using the average application taking between three several weeks and 6 several weeks. This can be a fact and shortly is going to be to save you time.


Fijian Heritage and Culture

Fijis captivating traditions, belief systems and also the friendly character of their people can truly provide a special holiday experience.


The folks of Fiji conduct various sorts of events. Probably the most popular events involves different tribesmen systematically developing a drink combined with kava to become offered towards the chief. Another ceremony featuring traditional Fiji heritage involves a feast utilizing a cooking pit (also called a “lovo”) to prepare wholesome foods using meat for example pork, lamb and seafood. Meke, the standard dance type of Fiji, is frequently carried out throughout special events.

Times of Recognition

Fiji appreciates numerous special days throughout the entire year. Fiji Day, that is celebrated in October, remember the nations independence. Ratu Mister Lala Sukuna Day is well known in May in honor of Fijis famous chief and statesman. Fiji still recognises its previous ties to The Uk by honoring the Queens Official Birthday in June.


Fijians are usually relaxed and casual within their actions. Nevertheless, it’s still considered polite to follow along with certain types of etiquette. For example, it is best to put on modest attire when going to a village to be able to avoid showing up ostentatious. Quickly remove your hat when standing before a chief to exhibit the most respect. As with many Asian cultures, all footwear ought to be removed and left outdoors before entering a house. Never touch the mind of some other person, even when to control your emotions so passionately. Also, when going to a village, always bring a present of kava root for that chiefs household to combine right into a scrumptious local drink.

Places to go to in Fiji

You will find many captivating places to go to around Fiji. The country is possibly most widely known because of its plentiful beaches featuring soft sand and lovely sights from the sea. For religious sites, try going to the gorgeous Hindu temple of Sri Siva Subramaniya and St. Johns Catholic Chapel. Navala is among the best good examples of the traditional Fijian village still around. The Fiji Museum shows many artefacts representing the nations history. The caves of Naihere may also be investigated. Other important landmarks include Fiji Parliament House, the Tamavua Subterranean Hospital and also the Suva City Library.

Travel Options

Many all-inclusive holiday packages offer Fiji plane tickets and hotels at very affordable prices. Throughout your stay, have a boat to understand more about all the nations islands. Going for a bus is yet another workable type of transport. A rental-car could also easily be arranged.

Investing holidays in Fiji will definitely give a travel experience unlike any other. The magnificent sites and welcoming culture of those provide a special blend that just Fiji can offer.